•   Exhibited in public and private galleries and on line in North America and the UK; curated solo exhibition from 2019 to 2024 at the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Heathrow Airport  (Terminal 2B)
•   Published in periodicals and on line and have been interviewed on TV 
•   Professional 'Artist' profile approved in 2017 by Canada Council for the Arts
​I sculpt the surface of the canvas with rich colours, strong texture and free strokes to reveal and release the singular, fragile and ephemeral energy of minimalism.  A simple and integral  central composition of architectural, organic and mineral elements floats or sinks in essential space, evoking both calm and tension simultaneously.  My struggle with abstract expressionism and for contemporary authenticity drives and leaves me humbled . 
Je sculpte sur la toile avec de riches couleurs, des touches texturées  et des traits autonomes afin de dévoiler et libérer l'énergie propre, fragile et éphémère du minimalisme. Une composition centrale simple et intègre constituée de composantes architecturales, organiques et minérales flotte ou sombre dans un espace essentiel, évoquant à la fois le calme et la tension. Ce combat avec l' expressionniste abstraite et pour l'authenticité contemporaine me pousse et me laisse humble. 
This web site presents under the heading WORKS selected paintings that document my journey for over ten years with a focus on recent works.  I work in series under three broad themes (i.e., In Motion, Landscape and Urban Scape).   My art is for sale - see contact page.
Note:  This site is currently being revamped, but I am keeping it on line with changes in progress.   Thank you for your patience.