Robert B. Gougeon
•  I'm currently at Galerie Côté Créations in Mont Tremblant and have shown extensively in public and private galleries and on line in Canada. 
•  Curated exhibition of eight large paintings from Striking a Balance series at the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Heathrow Airport (Terminal 2B), UK (2019  to 2024)
•   On cover and featured (2016) and several articles (2017 , 2018 and 2019-20) in francophone art association academic periodical; article (July, 2019) in on-line francophone cultural web site Info-culture/biz
•  Professional 'Artist' profile approved in 2017 by Canada Council for the Arts
•  Interviewed on Rogers Entrenous in 2017
My abstract signature strives to capture the energy of minimalism and the intensity of simplicity.  Sculpting the canvas, I create architectural and organic design elements to depict in each work both calm and tension.  Witness my struggle with abstract expressionism and my pursuit of contemporary authenticity.  
This web site documents my journey, sometimes stumbling, since 2015 under Works into three main themes, each divided into series and some, sub-series.  Join me for the ride as I include all works done over the period to show the evolution, with more recent pieces first.  My art is for sale and I encourage you to contact me if interested.